This article has been written by one of our Instructors - herself a Pole Dancing Mum, Jess Z - a wife and mother of 2 young toddler boys. Jess Z with kids

Jess says...." I asked a bunch of ladies I chat to online about all things Mother and Baby about pole dancing and why they do it or want to do it.

Then I compiled their responses into this article. POLE DANCING MUMS....not words you would expect to go together. But all around the globe women are choosing to get their body, time and sanity back with a bit of fun - twirling, climbing and posing on a dance pole. 

What makes it so enjoyable? I asked a bunch of mums from all walks of life, why it appeals to them; including myself a stay at home mum of 2 toddler boys.

As you can imagine fitness was one of the most noted attributes. We know that pole is great for building strength, improving cardio fitness and flexibility. Jess Z 2Classes are structured in such a way that you can participate safely as you build the strength required to take you through the levels and try new moves.

Our mums noticed how pole had given them a workout which was different to their usual routine. One mum joked "The abs were an awesome bonus". Another said "I needed an exercise outside of the gym. I could never do push ups but now I can do 10". And another said "The amount of core and upper body strength I got from it was fantastic". 

But then there were other benefits which some say even outweigh the fitness benefits. The biggest was the "feel good" factor. As mums we can often put our own needs aside for those of others and by the time our day ends there is little time left for ourselves. But even as mums we need to have the opportunity to refresh and recharge the woman behind 'mum'.

Our mums all noted feeling good about themselves after class. One said "It relieves my stress and anxiety. Makes me feel sexy, has made me more confident and a stronger person both physically and mentally".

Another said "I never left my children for a regular "me" outing. My husband encouraged me to do something about it. Jess Z 3

There weren't many places I wanted to go by myself and I'd be soon sitting around the house again. I signed up for 8 weeks, I had paid upfront and I had a set time to be somewhere... those 8 weeks were the best idea ever! I have done many, many more '8 weeks' now".

Our mums noted that compared to other forms of fitness it was quite easy to find the hour to attend classes as they were usually held late in the evening at a time when there was someone at home who could look after the kids. Which as mums, we know can be a huge hurdle to doing things for ourselves. If you needed any more convincing that pole dancing was great for mums the other benefits noted include...

  • Getting that sexy feeling back "I've started because it's far from frumpy, it's something I can do for me (and possibly my husband down the track!)... I like that it is still being seen as just that little bit naughty".
  • Getting back to your former self "I've always been into things like pole dancing and burlesque dancing"
  •  Meeting new and different people "I love the girls I meet there, I get to chat about non-baby things, they're from all different walks of life, ages and stages. So refreshing".
  •  It's a great challenge "I have also discovered that it is very addictive and challenging. I am trying to find a spot in my house to install a pole now!"
  •  And lastly, it's a great thing to do with your friends as a regular catch up. "I took my friend to a beginner workshop a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping she'll join me in my Monday night class!"

Jess ZSo, if you are reading this with the idea of trying out a class yourself, why not sign up for a term today? Challenge yourself to 8 weeks of change, of fun, of fitness and start to feel even better - just like these fabulous mums. And if you are reading this as a pole dancing mum - you go girl!  Written by Jess Z for Pol-arise Fitness & Dance - with huge thanks to the Mother & Baby girls who took the time to answer my questions!

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