For our second Pol-ebrity Interview, I wanted to present one of my very good friends (he's more like an adopted son) and business partner.....Chris Measday! Chris-Measday-(tag-Dan-Jone

Chris's story is quite inspirational when you find out what brought him to the world of pole dance, and have talked about him in another article in this blog about back problems. Chris was a competitive gymnast and coach. He started doing gymnastics as a young boy and continued through his teenage years and into adulthood. While training for an upcoming competition, he was performing a triple back flip with a double twist (or something equally as impressive) but didn’t quite make it. He landed badly as was rushed to hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

Fortunately, there was no spinal cord damage, but he had managed to break his back in seven (yes I said 7) places. A lengthy recovery and rehabilitation followed – and his lifetime of gymnastics was suddenly out the window! Once he was recovered Chris started looking at other low impact activities he COULD do that held the same interest as gymnastics had. It was then that he discovered Pole Dancing.

As one of the first men in Australia (and probably the world) to show an interest in this predominantly female industry he found it hard to find a studio that would accept a male student. Like myself, he ended up getting a dance pole and playing around at home.

He re-built his old strength and with his knowledge of gymnastics was able to develop some pretty cool moves.

Chris Measday APC 2013 Fast forward seven or eight years and Chris is now the Ultimate International Men’s Pole Champion and has won and placed highly in many national and international competitions. He is well known around the world for his fun, gymnastic inspired routines which are often mingled with a little comedy. Chris was kind enough to answer some questions- here’s what he had to say…

Cherene: What motivated you to start pole dancing and how long have you been doing it?

Chris: I have been pole dancing for about 9 years now! I actually started taking it seriously as it was the only income I could get that didn't involve teaching English to Chinese children! (long story)

Cherene: What's your style?

Chris: Dynamic Spinning comedy? I tried serious. I can do it too..... I just cant take myself seriously when I do!

Cherene: Your favourite move?

Chris: Kamikaze combos. They are epic and impressive.

Cherene: What can’t you live without when pole dancing?

Chris: A training partner! I hate to train alone :-( Cherene: Tell us about the first time you competed/performed publicly.

Chris: The first time I performed was at the opening of a hair salon! True Story! It was huge! They had flown in Movie stars from Hong Kong, had a foam mosh pit, DJs, etc. If you have ever seen the picture of me in a inverted V (chopper) with a blue background, that was that show.   

*Note from Cherene - you can see the photo above :-)

Cherene: Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of pole dancing?

Chris: I like to read and drive. Not at the same time of course. :-)

Cherene: How do you like to spend your down time?

Chris: At the moment any down time I get is spent vegetating! I am working too many hours so I am usually too fried upstairs to do anything constructive with my down time.

Cherene: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Chris: I actually wanted to be Prime Minister! I even studied Politics at Uni. Would YOU vote for a Pole dancer? HAHAHAH

Cherene: What's you favourite Song (at the moment)

Chris: At the moment.... Chet Faker, I'm into you. Beared rangers who can sing! Followed closely by SemiSonic, Secret Smile. Its an old favourite that pops up every now and again!

Cherene: Favourite Pre-Workout/Training Meal or Snack?

Chris: I'm not a great example here! I have a VERY fast metabolism and so when training will burn through energy in a matter of minutes. So I usually carb load an hour before and then have a can of V, Banana and Cherry ripe on stand by for crashing! Its a little naughty. but works for me!

Cherene: Favourite way to wind down after a hard training session?

Chris: Usually a heavy meal like bacon and egg rolls and pancakes  or steak. a big one.

Cherene: Who motivates and inspires you in pole?

Chris: My wifey motivates me to try new things all the time and spends a lot of time going through you tube and thinking of new ways for me to combine moves. I also spend a lot of time thinking about new ways to move around the pole in the shower. Its amazing how relaxing you it is! As far as other pole dancers, well, My wife of course!

She is an incredibly smooth pole dancer with amazing lines. I would like to put a special mention in for Evgeny and Alex Schukin. The crazy thing is that you could put us all in a room and we would not hold back moves. It would just be a teaching whirlwind. The men in our industry truly want ALL of us to be successful and will cooperate when ever we can. Their level of skill combined with performance and technique is amazing to watch and inspires me to work harder!

Chris-&-Gabriella Chris will be defending his International title in the International Pole Championships being held at the end of November in Singapore, and his beautiful wife will be there cheering him on - and from all of us at Pol-arise we wish him well! Don't forget to LIKE this post and please feel free to Leave a Reply in the box below :-)

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