Are You Strong Enough...the Paradox of Pole Dancing

I recently came across a great article on the Bad Kitty Blog written by Katie Johnson - a Los Angeles based Fine Art Model, Actress, Writer -- and most importantly - Pole Fitness Devotee. She's been called everything from “magic” and “fearless” to “dependable, bendable” and even “the balliest f***ing model I’ve ever worked with!”

In this article she asks the question - Are You Strong Enough to be Vulnerable? Read on to see what she has to say. I'm pretty sure a lot of you will relate ;-)

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Pol-ebrity Interview – Chris Measday

For our second Pol-ebrity Interview, I wanted to present one of my very good friends (he's more like an adopted son) and business partner.....Chris Measday! Chris-Measday-(tag-Dan-Jone

Chris's story is quite inspirational when you find out what brought him to the world of pole dance, and have talked about him in another article in this blog about back problems. Chris was a competitive gymnast and coach. He started doing gymnastics as a young boy and continued through his teenage years and into adulthood. While training for an upcoming competition, he was performing a triple back flip with a double twist (or something equally as impressive) but didn’t quite make it. He landed badly as was rushed to hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

Fortunately, there was no spinal cord damage, but he had managed to break his back in seven (yes I said 7) places. A lengthy recovery and rehabilitation followed – and his lifetime of gymnastics was suddenly out the window! Once he was recovered Chris started looking at other low impact activities he COULD do that held the same interest as gymnastics had. It was then that he discovered Pole Dancing.

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Pol-ebrity Interview - Maria Cossia

In the first of a series of interviews  with both Aussie and International Pole Celebrities, I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of Australia's newest "stars"...Maria Cossia from Queensland (Australia).

About Maria Maria grew up in Argentina and moved to Australia with her young family in 2005. Growing up she started gymnastics and dancing from a very young age and worked with a contemporary dance company in Buenos Aires before starting to coach gymnastics. When Maria moved to Australia she continued coaching gymnastics and trained as a PT and group fitness trainer. She came across The Pole Gym in Lawnton (Qld) not long after and her passion for pole dance has been growing ever since.

The Pole Gym studio owner, Dannah Dowling, has since become Maria's best friend and has travelled with her to every competition. Maria says, "I feel like I have found my family here." After a bit of time off the pole, Maria came back to training in the middle of last year and entered her first amateur comp at the Gold Coast in October. "I was very nervous about competing and it was an awesome surprise when I won the final. This gave me the boost of confidence to train for a bigger competition and so I entered Pole Candy Semi-Po Comp, where I placed runner-up," Maria told us.

Following this experience, Maria went on to compete in the Australian Pole Fitness Championships. Then it was the Queensland Pole Championships where she was awarded the title of Queensland Pole Champion 2013, and this opened the door to represent Queensland in the Australian Pole Championships in Canberra earlier this month, where she took out the Best Trickster title in the professional division. To top off a very exciting and eventful 2013, Maria was also invited by X-Pole Australia to take part in their Protégé Program.

Maria Cossier 3

Maria was kind enough to answer some questions- here's what she had to say...

Cherene:  How did you get into pole dancing - what was your motivation and how long have you been doing it?

Maria:  I started pole dancing four years ago, but took a break for two years in the middle. When I started out I saw it as another way for me to express myself through

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