As Pole Dance and Aerial instructors we are often asked the same questions by our students - one of the most common questions being..."How long did it take YOU to get that good?" If you read between the lines, what they're really asking is, "How long will it take ME to become as good as you?"

The answer is quite simple - yet not! You've probably heard the saying "different horses for different courses" - well the same is true here. Different people will learn at different paces, and that is exactly what we encourage at Pol-arise Fitness & Dance! You can learn at your own pace - there are no set expectations, no judgements and no competitive culture. It's quite the opposite really! As instructors we realise that every student has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes - and we work with those to help you become the best you can your own good time!

cleopatra leg raises Like anything in life, you get out what you put in! If you attend regular classes, always try your best, and adopt a "CAN do" attitude rather than saying "I CAN'T do it" - you will always achieve your goals.

Most of our instructors have started in our Instructor Training Program after about 12-18 months of attending classes. This might give you a pretty good indication of how long it takes to become an advanced student. Once they enter the training program, this sheds a whole NEW light on pole dancing as suddenly you're standing on the other side of the dance pole and looking at every move from a totally different perspective - technique, body, hand and leg positions, lift and tilt points. A whole range of aspects that most students never really consider. Once you start looking at things as an Instructor you suddenly start to realise all the little things that you should/could be doing to be even better yourself.

Not everyone is meant to be a great Instructor though. I know of some world class, competitive dancers and performers who are nothing short of BRILLIANT at what they do themselves, but they lack that certain something that makes for a brilliant INSTRUCTOR. In short, put in front of a class couldn't teach their way out of paper bag!

This is not to say that you can't be really good unless you become an Instructor - I'm simply saying that there are certain skills that you learn as an instructor that will improve your skills in your own dancing. Now! Do you want to SEE how good YOU could be 12-18 months from now, with a little dedication, hard work and passion? Jess Z with kids

Let me introduce one of our instructors, Jess - a 30 something wife and mother of  young toddler boys. Jess started pole dancing 6 months after her second son was born, to regain her fitness and get back into shape. That was 18 months ago.

Watch this short video of Jess's first ever pole performance and then come back and tell us if you think she achieved her goal of getting fit and back in shape? Drop us a line in the comments box below :-)

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