Pol-arise Fitness & Dance Classes are an exciting & motivating way to get fit and we don't think you should miss out on the action because you have a crazy schedule! We understand that sometimes it can be difficult for people to commit to a set day & time over an 8 week period so if a Signature Course isn't an option for you, we have a great range of Casual Classes available for you to pop in when it fits in around work/ life or other boring things.

A one-off Casual Class is $25 or if you would like to come to more than one, you should look at a Class Package which will bring the price per session down. You can view our full Price List & Package Deals here.

Casual Classes are 45 minutes long and are open for drop in visits at any stage throughout the term, but student numbers are strictly limited in these classes so bookings are still essential.

For more info, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or continue reading about the classes below.

Class Descriptions

Casual Pole Classes

PoleEssentialsPole FUN-damentals This Open Level class is suitable for all levels! Each student will work at their own level of ability under the guidance of the Instructor.

Pre-requisite: None! Open to ALL students, from the first-timer to the seasonsed pole dancer.

Find out when Pole FUNdamentals is scheduled

CardiopoleCardio Pole Fit You won't experience a hotter, more challenging cardio and strengthening workout than our new Cardio Pole Fit class!

This open level pole class is suitable for most levels! No new pole tricks are taught in this workout style class, but you will be getting fitter and stronger as well developing better cardio to go the distance in your pole routines.

Pre-requisite: Students should have a basic pole knowledge to participate in this class (completion of Level 1 - Pole Essentials course or higher) Find out when Cardio Pole Fit is scheduled

Casual Aerial Classes


Aerial Flow is a gentle-paced class suitable for those who are completely new to the hammock as well as our more experienced flyers!

The focus of this class is not on the tricks or inversions, but on flow & body awareness. Move your body to the rhythm or some sweet tunes and enjoy a delicious stretch/ meditation session.

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Cirque1Cirque-It Fit Learn the tricks you see the performers do in Cirque du Soleil!

This class focuses on FUN-damental tricks & skills in the Aerial Lyra (Hoop), Trapeze & Silks. Suitable for ALL levels.

Pre-requisite: None besides an eagerness to learn Find out when Cirque-It Fit is scheduled

Casual Dance Classes

Level5Pole, Dance & Flow

This dance-based class is aimed at helping you to find your flow! We’ll be working on a new mini routine each week with the focus on creating beautiful shapes, lines & extensions in your moves and also how to flow from one trick to the next with fluidity & ease. In this 45 minute class you can expect a little pole, a little floorwork, and a whole lot of fun!

Find out when Pole, Dance & Flow is scheduled

Pre-requisite: Open to most levels. A basic knowledge of pole technique will make this class more accessible.

What to Bring/ Wear: You'll need leg warmers, long socks or knee pads (knee pads can be purcahsed in the studio) and bring a pair of shorts for the pole component.

Casual Fitness Classes

Strongnflexy2Strong & Flexy is a class which has been really popular among our students! We use body-weight exercises and other techniques inspired by Pilates, Yoga & Ballet to increase strength & build stability in the core and the upper body.

This class will also help you to improve your flexibility and teach you what stretches you can do at home to relieve tension & tight muscles.

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Stretch Fit Too much stress, poor posture and injuries can all lead to sore, tight muscles. Stretch Fit will not only help to improve your flexibility (and get you working towards the splits), it will also teach you what stretches are best for relieving tension in the neck, shoulders and back. This class combines stretching with structured breathing to relax the body and mind. ALL LEVELS WELCOME & NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

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Cali Fit Sky High Cali Fit includes a high intensity bodyweight training component focusing on good form and correct calisthenics technique as well as hand-balancing progressions for all levels of handstands so if you’re thinking “I never dreamed of ever doing a handstand” this is the place to start and for those who are working on one-handed variations you’re welcome to. Class sizes are small so there is lots of attention on you and your progress, the classes are planned to push you, but we are very careful avoiding injuries. The class can benefit everyone, whether you need extra strength for a competition or you just want to carry your groceries inside in one load. All levels are catered for!

Calisthenics is for everyone and is a great way of learning what you are really capable of! Find out when Sky High Cali Fit is scheduled